Escondido Center Sunday School and Teen Group

From childhood there should be emphasis on the importance of educating our young people in developing their moral and spiritual consciousness. That training is essential because the universal principles of virtue are the foundation of a happy and successful life.
– Paramahansa Yogananda

Our Sunday School and Teen programs are designed to help youth ages 3 to 18 establish a strong relationship with God and the Self-Realization Fellowship line of Gurus.

Class groups include Pre-School (boys and girls ages 3 through 7 ), Junior Girls (ages 7 through 12), Junior Boys (ages 7 through 12), and Teens (boys and girls ages 13 through 18).

The Sunday morning classes, conducted from 10 to 11 a.m. during the adult reading service, include a chant, meditation, Energization Exercises (except for preschool), and a short class with activities.

Teachers present SRF teachings to the youth through both the class and activities such as puppet shows, arts and crafts, and service to others, which are fun and appropriate in teaching the lessons to the various age groups.

We place a special emphasis on teaching youngsters to appreciate the importance of God and Guru in their lives by helping them to develop a personal relationship with God and Guru. As children mature, they discover more aspects of Master’s teachings that they can apply in their lives.

The Teens join in spiritual discussions and help with special holiday events such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. And, they can participate in one-day Teen Retreats at Encinitas Ashram and Lake Shrine.

To register, please download and return this form.

Our Center also has a Parent-Infant room stocked with toys and childrens’ books. The adjoining restroom has a changing station.